Expeditions launch event

By Cape Farewell // Sunday 9 Sep // 10:08:40 // 3 Comments


Cape Farewell launched its first international Youth Expedition on Sunday 9th September at Southbank Centre. Hundreds of well wishers cheered the twelve students on their way, as the expedition launched on the Thames to a brass fanfare from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Embarking on a landmark arts, science and media project, the students will voyage from Longyearbyen to the frozen extremes of Spitsbergen, Svalbard in the High Arctic.
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  1. Deborah Chisman Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 13:26:23

    Had a great day at the launch, it was fantastic to send off Jethro and his fellow adventurers in such style! I felt very proud and wiped away a tear (mums are allowed to!) as they sped up the Thames, flags flying, accompanied by fanfares and cheering.

  2. Molly Chisman Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 14:38:29

    I really liked the launch. I had a fun day in London and liked watching them on the boats. I will miss you jethro.

  3. Amy Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 10:05:39

    hi babe, hope you well and havin good time, hope your getting these messages, can’t work this site out. your not here to show us. :o) Jordy fine he’s at school learning about dinosaurs he’s taken his massive poster in and a book on dinosaurs, he’s telling everyone his sister is in the artic with the polabears. granma and grandad fine, your grandma was so excited for you at the launch that she nearly started dancing when the acordians started playing, she was giddier than me!!! and that takes some beating! well we love you loads and we’re very proud of you. mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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