Speed in the Thames

By Jethro // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:10:25 // 8 Comments


Hi everyone,
The official launch of the cape farewell youth project was on Sunday, it was amazing, we were flying up and down the river Thames in little inflatable boats, there was a lot of shouting and waving! My video will be on the blogs on Monday 17th September at 10am and you can all talk to me 30 mins later on the blog so get blogging!

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  1. Cassie Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 22:02:43

    Hey Jethro…
    Wasnt sure where to comment so i kind jst clicked anyway,
    Hope everythings goes good and i am probably the least likely person yoo thought to comment yoo, i’ve been meaning to since yoo left… Hope everything goes good =] && make sure yoo enjoy urself! AHhh!! =] Lurvs yoo xx.xx have phunn! Right agian soonish bye xx.xx

  2. Karl Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 1:23:11

    My insomnia brings me to the cape farewell website and then to your profile, I love the posy picture. But maybe it would have been more flash with the explorer.. Oh well. Is it cold??? Stupid question I guess. We made and put up a load of crudely made but at the same time completely amazing posters featuring thyself. ( By we I mean Ben and Maija ) But tomorrow we’re commandeering a megaphone and announcing various details of your trip and the whole climate change thing. And we made ‘Jethro’ masks, so at lunch we’ll scare some year 9’s into a coma. Anyway take lots of pictures.
    Play Safe ; p


  3. Maija!!! Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 14:58:46

    Just finished megaphoning around school wearing jethro masks… everyone was like “wtf?”.. oh well… very fun 😀
    The posters are also looking rather snazzy.
    The question on everyones lips right now is “Wheres Jethro?” and were blaring in their faces with a megaphone “He’s in the arctic!!!!!”
    You better be coming back with lots of arctic inspired banging tunes for us all!

  4. martha Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 15:02:08

    we have jephro masks, its your yr 9 picture!!!gutted!!
    hope ur having fun i know thats not how to spell ur name maija just told me sorryy

  5. Poppy Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 17:58:50

    Whay! you’re in the arctic!! Those masks were very freaky, it was like a hoard of minature jethros :O lol.
    Have fun saving the planet, and enjoy yourself!!

  6. BECCA! i! kit & maija (mainly becca) Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 11:55:37

    i found a jethro mask it were well fun
    kit died due to lack of jefficakes

  7. Colleen Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 18:32:48

    hey hey! having fun wherever you are? you should have seen us all at lunchtime with our masks, we had a chant and and fliers and everything. most people were really really freaked out. you probably would have been too if you had seen us. I’m going to the live blog thing on monday so talk to you then.

  8. Cassie Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 21:36:56

    Ahh! I am going to the live blog thing as well! =] Woop, Woop! Are yoo missing everyone:? I bet that’s a dumb question! Yoor probably not even thinking about us! xx.xx

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