Arctic Q/A Session: Amélie

By Amélie // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:06:22 // 3 Comments

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Watch the first clip from Amélie at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)

Tune in for Amélie’s video diary broadcast

Tues 18th Sept, 4pm GMT (12noon Montreal)
Thank you for all your questions! Amélie will be posting a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to let you know how she’s getting on, what she is working on and responding to the questions below. If you are a pupil at Chambly Academy make sure you get a chance to watch Amélie’s broadcast in assembly or class time.
Watch Amélie’s video diary »

Live QA following the broadcast

Tues 18th Sept, 4.30pm GMT (12.30pm Montreal)
Following the broadcast Amélie will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any questions.
Join Amélie’s Live QA »

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  1. Stephanie Bernier Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 19:03:21

    Salut ma pitoune!!! Ca va ma belle??? j’espere que tu t’amuses grandement!! Je m’ennuie TROP de toi!!! lol comment vont tes rechereches??? Qu’est-ce que t’a trouver sur les planktons? Notre procedure etait t’elle effective? Ou est-ce que tu l’a changer? Jai hate d’entendre tes nouvelles!!!!!!!!! ecrit moi le plus tot possible!!
    p.s jai toutes tes notes de cours, inquiete toi pas pour ca!!! on va avoir du fun meque tu arrive!!! BIZOUS!!!! JTM!!!!

  2. Rina Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 14:49:50

    Salut Amélie,
    On a tous vu tes photos et suivons ton voyage avec grand intérêt. Tous nous demande de tes nouvelles. J’ai passé une belle journée de fête avec Miriam. Je m’ennuie de toi baucoup mais je ne dors pas dans ta chambre. Profite bien de tous les moments pour apprendre au maximum. N’oublie de prendre beaucoup de photos avec ton appareil nous en aurons besoins.
    Gros bizous Mom, Dad, Felix, Buddy et Maya

  3. Chambly Academy Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 15:23:33

    Hi Amelie,
    I just wanted to let you know that we’re getting the whole school together for an assembly to watch your video on Tuesday! After that, the ground crew and your two best friends will get the chance to chat live with you from the computer lab.
    I know a lot of students have been sending you comments and questions and I hope you’ve received them all and will be able to answer them.
    I have a few questions of my own:
    Have you figured out yet how to go about doing your experiment? Who is the scientist that will be helping you? How cold is it there in the day versus the night? Do you sleep on the ship most of the time or are you on land a lot? How many kids share the cabin with you and how many cabins are there?
    I wanted to let you know that we’re all looking forward to hearing about your experience when you get back and to figure out how you’ll spread the news to other schools in the board and in the district.
    I’m really proud of you and the great work you’re doing up there.
    Have fun,
    Ms. Forget

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