Ny Alesund next destination!!!

By Amélie // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:42:29 // No Comments


 Since my last blog, we’ve done tons.  We visited Big Ben, the parliament, covent garden, oxfort St., and the london bridge. All very fun, but we’ve also been working really hard.  We’ve been modifying our science projects as well as our art projects.  Yesterday, we took the plane to stockholm and slept there, then today sept.13, we’ve taken 2 more flights and are now in longyearbyen up in Svalbard.  The settlement here is bigger than I imagined, and the mountains are absolutely stunning.  We’ve just finished eating pizza at the youth group here where we met tons of other kids.  The ppl here are great.  We played Table football and it was a lot of fun.  Tomorrow we are headingto Ny Alesund, and we will be staying on the boat.

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My next video is on Tuesday 18th of september at 12  and I will be on the web half hour afterwards.

 Anyhow gtg, byebye

Peace amelie

P.S.  Hey chambly, friends and ¤family¤ everyone else c ya

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