Blood on the ice

By Jessica // Wednesday 19 Sep // 09:51:28 // 8 Comments

Hello all,

It’s been a while as we have mainly been on the boat or a glacier and no where near a computer, let alone internet connections! Mobiles don’t work up here as their are no masts, which is good as they would interfere with the research scientists satellite uplinks and other equipment. A LOT has happened since I last wrote anything on my blog, we arrived at Ny Alesund on Saturday afternoon, and spent the evening getting ourselves sorted out. On sunday we went to the Kinsfjord glacier for a reccy and to experiment with makiing artworks from natural materials. As we were walking up the glacier, which was very slippy, I fell backwards, which was quite funny fr about two seconds until my camera fell onto my eyebrow and split open, blod was dripping in my eye and all over the ice, which looked quite cool once I had got over the shock. Christain, the guide who protects us from Polar Bears and provides us with fascinating info and facts about Svalbard (he is a DUDE!!) rushed over and checked my injury out, he says I’ll probably have a scar. Currently have a very nice black eye!!! The kids were great and they were all really concerned, they are such a great bunch of people who are working so well together and doing so much great stuff, it is an inspiration to work with them!

I am soooooooooooooo glad I bought the Arctic weather boots as they have kept my feet seriously warm, wellies just would not have done the job. It is pretty cold here, though today it’s not so bad, I think it’s about 2 degrees celcius, has been minus 5 and with the wind chill factor it gets really cold!!!! We saw a reindeer yersterday, in London, we visited an island called Blomstrand which used to be part of the peninsular when it was attached to the mainland by glacier, however because that has now retreated it is no longer part of the mainland. London was a small mining community, on Blomstrand, that didn’t fare too well and is now just rusting ruins. The reindeer was casually grazing on the sparse foliage and was not that bothered by our presence, we also saw a seal last night, it was in the water so I not sure what type it was. Lots of birds – gulls, guillemots, sandpipers and types of finches. It is really beautiful and peaceful here, I don’t want to come back to smelly, crowded London!

Being here has really brought home the impact we are having on the planet and how fragile life is, we are doing so much damage and not that many people seem to care, it makes me really sad and scared for the future!!

Gotta get off now as live blogs are happening, will try and speak soon!!!

Jess xx

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  1. Penny burdett Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 12:06:46

    Hey Jess,
    Upset to hear about your fall, is the eyebrow feeling better now? It won’t look good on the photo shoot!! The ice sculpture looked good though and the student video diaries are fascinating. I almost feel I am there except not so cold as you, although its not that warm here for September. I am really enjoying your blogs, you bring it all to life excellently.
    Mum XX

  2. caroline sturgess Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 19:54:06

    hey jess,
    sorry to hear about your fall, hope one of the girls have brought some makeup, to cover the black eye!! (was it realy slippy or have you been supping the captins rum??? lol) thanks for lookin out for my girl, she’s a bit scatty, but she’s entertaining. sounds like you guys are having a great time, will mail again, caroline x p.s penny your girls great she’s took a real shine to our amy and i’m happy she has someone to look out for her.

  3. Richard Burdett Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 20:05:56

    I’m glad you bought your boots too. Wellies would never be a good idea not even here, just think about your socks. You look a bit tired in the ice sculpture photo, hope you’re ok. Your writing in your blogs is so descriptive and atmospheric, I didn’t know you were a budding Attenborough. Maybe it’s time to get close and personal with a polar bear, but then again, maybe not! If you do have a scar from your close encounter with your camera, at least you’ll have a permanent memento of your trip, trip? It must seem almost that. Love you loads xxxxx Dad

  4. yuliya Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 12:47:55

    Hi Miss, feel so sorry for you, but anyway you will definately have something to remember from the trip =) see you soon

  5. Jess Campbell Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 12:53:11


    sorry to hear about the black eye! Ouch! hope it gets better soon 🙂

    sounds like you are having a Fab time, must be amazing out there! I love reading all the blogs…its so interesting to hear about the things that have been going on

    Hope its not been too cold!

    Jess xx

  6. Kidbrooke School Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 13:21:22

    Hi Miss Burdett,

    Its Alan I heard about you fall- it must hurt a lot. It probably much worst than it looks in the picture. It must be really could out there.
    It must be really fascinating be out there sailng on the ship and whating the artic animals.

    We all miss you and hope to see you soon!!!

  7. Jessica Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 14:47:46

    hello Caroline,

    Amy has been an absolute star, anytime we’re feeling low or tired (which isn’t that often to be honest!!) she gives us big hugs of Amylove!!! She is having a fantastic time and we are really enjoying her company! She says she’s really missing playing footie though! My eyes much better cheers, still red, yellow and blue! Only hurts when I frown now.
    Keith just stripped off and ran into the sea in his shorts – he’s mad, I might do it too, later!!
    Don’t worry about Amy she’s an absolute star!!!

  8. Jessica Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 7:46:02

    Hi Mum and Dad,

    I know you’re missing me loads and thanks for all the comments we are having the time of our lives up here and no-one wants to come back!!!! Unfortunately we are leaving Ny Alesund today and sailing back to Longyearbyen overnight – more nightwatches and not much sleep!! Have a footie match against the kids from Longyearbyen Skole tomorrow! Plus T4 will be filming us, so no pressure on our last full day here!! See you on Monday eve! Love ya,

    Jess xxxxx

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