Update from Ny Alysund

By Liam // Wednesday 19 Sep // 13:24:45 // 1 Comment

Time: 13:24
Date: 19th September 2007
Location: Ny Alesund

Hey guys,

I feel a bit exhausted today even though we haven’t exactly been trekking over mountains. I feel as if I have learnt so much from a media, art and science perspective. Speaking in front of camera has just turned into a routine; in fact it will seem strange back home with no one behind you with a microphone. I have learnt that no matter what is around you it can be made into art. Scientists have then taught me, about the balance between the environment and humans and how it needs to be stable.
I’m having an amazing time and I don’t want to come back!

Hope you all well

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  1. Auntie Kitty Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 12:25:35

    Hi Liam

    Well done yesterday. I listened to your speech and you did great. Tune in twice a day and really feel that I have been there with you. You have done your Mum,Dad and your school proud. It really has being an amazing experience and I have no doubt that this trip will play a great part in the career path you will follow in the future.
    enjoy every moment. Lots of Love Kitty

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