Goodbye Svalbard

By Rebecca // Sunday 23 Sep // 09:30:40 // No Comments

This will be my final post since we are leaving today for London. It has been an incredible adventure so far. We have learnt so much…and I have enjoyed every minute of this amazing journey (even the cold nights). Our trip from Ny Alesund was quite rocky….someone left the bar fridge open and all of the pop cans rolled around the ship for hours on end….i thought the entire kitchen fell apart.

After hours of rocking back and forth….the ship settled and we rolled into Longyearbyen just after breakfast. We had one last night in Longyearbyen with the school kids…we played football for a few hours and had a blast.

The crew of the Noorderlicht arranged a really nice dinner for us…and we danced until the wee hours of the night.

We will shortly head for the airport and then we are off to London…this is the end of our climate change adventure….until next year.

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