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I’m really enjoying being with all the team, they’re all awseome & we all have a great laugh together. Yesterday was fab, T4 interviewed us & we’re going on T4 on the 4th November at 12 O’clock,really can’t wait…WOOH! It’s going to look really weird watching myself on T4…YEAH! After that the interviews they followed to Pizza Express and filmed Hayley, Akash, Shona, Jethro & Myself talking to Rick, the (HOT) T4 presenter,he’s great fun! It’s really great being here with everyone from Canada & Germany & it seems everyone has a really cool accent, except me. IT’S NOT FAIR! Suba seems to like my acccent and tries to recreate it in her own way, HILARIOUS!

I can’t wait to hear from you all so please blog me & ask me questions.

You can watch my second video by Wednesday 19th September at 11 O’clock.

I will be LIVE on blog at 11.30,straight after my video is posted.

Please blog before that so i can answer to you by video,..Thank you!

Lots of love, Hope to speak to you in Arctic..Amy =]



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  1. Clive Wednesday 12 Sep, 2007 // 14:57:26

    See you’re having a good time, Jades well jealous… let us know when you are back and will take you and Jade out

  2. Chels Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 13:59:10

    hey ! yuu or8 …? what av yuu bin doin so…far …? what everyone like there are they nice …? When did yuu get there or are yuu not there yet …?

    are yuu missin me …?

    lurve yew loads and loads




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