Swinging in Svalbard

By Jessica // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:09:02 // No Comments

Hey guys,

We have finally arrived in Svalbard, currently in Longyearben, will be setting sail for Ny Alesund tomorrow, it’s not as cold as I thought it would be, it’s only zero degrees celcius, but apparently it’s going to get down to minus 10 at some point soon. Had a very long journey to get here but saw some amazing sights on the way, saw the sunrise at 5 this morning in Stockholm!

Longyearben is quite a mixture of beauty and barreness depending on where you look, the mountains and the glacier are wondrous but the coal mining really scars the landscape, however it is what the economy here is based around – though tourism now contributes a lot to that!!

We are setting sail on the Nooderlicht (Northern Light) tomorrow afternoon and will be sailing via aplace called Trygghamma!! Sounds v interesting! Hope everyone at Kidbrooke’s having fun and not missing me at all! I have already learned so much and have so many stories and pictures to share with you. T4 have been filming us and so have BBC London so look out for Hayley and I on a tv/internet news site near you!

Will write soon! Hopefully will be able to post pics soon!

ØÆŤ are just some of the Norwegian symbols on this computer!!

Lotsa love and hugs,

Jess xxxx

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