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By Dan // Friday 14 Sep // 10:49:27 // 3 Comments

So a very long journey up here via Stockholm, Oslo, Tromso then here to Longyearbyen. Arrived with snow falling, although not much has settled (leaving the textured rock surfaces drawn and enhanced with white dust).
There is something about returning here- so far away from the life style we live back down South and yet now very familiar to me.
The age of this land, the rock formations. You can read through it’s history, the strata laid down over millenniums, exposed, eroded and cracked into dust by the cold and ice.
It’s a raw reality that belittles everything else and puts this world back into perspective. Lonyearbyen is like a Wild West frontier town, one of the changes though is that now they are beginning to place advertising flags down the main street, lets hope this is kept to a minimum, and in fact shouldn’t be allowed at all !
Have tried today to pick up a Polar Bear bone from the Sysselmannen’s Environmental Adviser – it was put aside for us 2 years ago. Seems that I now need a CITES agreement to import it back to the UK for a piece of work Heather and I are working on. Hope Heather can get this for me by my return here next week!

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  1. Adele Harvey Monday 17 Sep, 2007 // 17:46:44

    hello daddy,
    what are you doing?love you lots adelexxx

  2. Dan Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 20:36:17

    Thanks Tania, Its been graet so far – managed to cast a beautifull piece of ice and today lifted out of the sea a huge lump that we hope to cast tomorrow. Hope that they,ve posted some pics on this site.
    Take Care. xx dan
    (any one else out there?)

  3. Dan Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 10:26:42

    Adele Take Care, and hope you give a good talk at St Martins School tomorrow, tell them that I will come in and talk all about it when I get home in October.
    LOVE YOU LOTS!!! xxxxxx

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