Svalbard Day 1

By Duncan // Friday 14 Sep // 12:35:08 // 2 Comments

Just about minus 1 outside but felt cold after the ‘comfort’ of air-conditioned planes and airports that have been home for 36 hours.

Svalbard was hidden below low cloud as we flew in, From above the clouds looked like snow,  and as we descended through it I was surprised to see the mountain slopes a rich red-brown, the remains of the summer’s grasses.

The huge mountains all around the settlement of Longyearbyen look as if dusted lightly with icing sugar, with the ice fractured rocks jutting through revealing their sedimentary layers.


I’ve made friends with Rocky the young Alaskan Husky who has his kennel outside the basecamp  hotel. He’s the strong silent type, bred solely for sledge pulling and his attractive grey and white fur is not show, but solely for keeping the dog warm. He has incredible sky blue eyes.

We are all suffering from ‘too many pockets syndrome’, we have to carry around so many things we can never remember which pocket we put them in.  Children all loving it, and friendships are developing.

Dan Harvey the artist mentor, is growing a beard, I am sending day 1 picture and will keep you posted.


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  1. jonnie & Chloe and Frank Harris! Monday 17 Sep, 2007 // 19:57:24

    That dog looks incredibly nice. Does he bark a lot (chloe?)
    I hate dogs. Even that one. (J)
    Dan with a beard, eh? Looking forward to the ‘weathered sea dog look’ in a few days time…

  2. Dan Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 20:43:22

    Its getting Longer by the day…… begining to feel and look like most of the guys you see up here. Must be about time for another photo!

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