Sailing up the Svalbard!!

By Jessica // Friday 14 Sep // 18:02:00 // 4 Comments

We’re about to sail off to Ny Alesund, the Noorderlicht is in the harbour and we’re just packing up at Base Camp, I just bought some really brilliant boots, rubber moulded soles, waterproof and really really warm! !!! Everyone says they’re “awesome”!!

We have been at the Longyearbyen Skole all morning, the students showed us around the site, they have a gym and a pool and some very well equipped classrooms, they are taught in years and have one base room for each year, and the teachers teach lots of different subjects, they have specialist rooms for tech and art ! It was a very well designed ålace, very clean and the students were very proud of their environment. We did some climate change workshops with them and I think they learned some very different ways of expressing themselves compared to what they are used to!

I cannot believe how much we have done so far, and I am sooooo excited about getting on the ship. Hope everyone back home isn’t missing me too much!!

See you soon,

Jess x

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  1. caroline sturgess Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 18:04:07

    hi jess hope you well and not to harrassed with our lil angel, she’s my baby, i’m sure she’s in good hands. glad to hear you all got there safely, thanks for the post card, have fun, take care caroline :o)

  2. Penny burdett Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 18:32:07

    hi Jess,
    brilliant site! more pictures please – loved the husky! you and your lovely boots.
    love MUM

  3. Prue Poulton Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 10:35:02

    Dear Jessica
    The accounts on the site are really interesting and I love the sound of your boots. Looks like you’re about to get into the most spectacular part of the trip – I’m very envious! Have you seen any wildlife? Can you see that there is less ice than previous years? Is the light different from here? Can you see the Northern lights or is it the wrong time of year? Post some arty pictures of sea and ice if you have time. Keep warm. Love Prue

  4. Lydia Monday 17 Sep, 2007 // 8:26:57

    Hallo Jessica,
    I am Katharina’s mum. It is great that you did workshops on climate with the Longyearbyen pupils, so that there is mutual learning. It is essential that the young get to know other cultures and ways of life and learn from each other.
    Katharina seems to enjoy the voyage very much. Hope you won’t become too discriminating after having experienced the highlight of spotting a polar bear the very first day…
    Best wishes
    Beatrix Fey

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