Exploring the Arctic

By Liam // Saturday 15 Sep // 17:07:27 // 2 Comments


Hi Guys,
I’m finally here even though it is hard to believe. We flew from Heathrow to Stockholm after a hectic day of sightseeing. That evening we got around three hours sleep, because we had a flight at 6 am to Oslo. Then we had a connecting flight to Longyearbyen (capital of Svalbard) stopping shortly at Tromso (north Norway). However after a life long journey we have arrived and it is astonishing. You can’t visualise it at all the air, temperature and light is all completely different. This evening we had a tour of the town and visited museum learning about the history of Svalbard and its mining. We then met some of the children of Svalbard at a youth club. It was incredible how much we all have in common despite the place they live in.

On Thursday we met up with the children again but this at their school. It was a lovely building, with a gym, swimming pool, and football pitches. I was even contemplating living in Longyearbyen because it was Tax free and you don’t need a visa. Everyone was extremely welcoming. Today was also the day we came face to face with the Noorderlicht a 120 meter schooner. What a vessel it is!!

Sailing on it was a dream comes true, especially as we had the wonderful sunset in front of us.

Today we went on a shore excursion on a zodiac. We saw a dead reindeer and an arctic fox. But the real treat came later when we got back to the boat. The captain spotted a polar bear. Words can’t describe the emotions I was feeling. A moment I shall always cherish.

Please keep following my progress and thanks for all the comments.

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  1. Arthur Upson Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 13:07:12

    Liam – I’m out of hospital and feeling fine. What’s the next interesting thing you have to do? Hope all goes well.

  2. Kitty Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 17:07:05

    Hi Liam
    So glad u arrived safe and sound. It really sounds amazing keep us updated. Ash and Sin did very well in Junior Cert exams, 11 honours each, mostly A and Bs. Shane just heading off 2 college now were packing for him. Take lots of pictures as we will have 2 live it through ur pictures. Take good care of urself. Ur Auntie Kitty

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